AVerTV Volar Go USB

Harga Rp. 350.000,-



Thanks for the latest AVerMedia software program and licensed MCE software encoder, which highlights the attractiveness of this product to be capable of supporting real-time H.264 recording format up to resolution of 320X240 iPod/PSP Video format recording and to be run on XP / Vista MCE platforms. Now, the AVerTV Volar GO leads you into a pleasant TV viewing world.

Watching TV on PC is a joy because the AVerTV Volar GO comes with an ease-of-use remote control, allowing users to take more complete control over their TV viewing entertainment. Moreover, it will enrich your user experience with the included S-Video / Composite 2 in 1 cable which can connect your laptop with DVD/VHS player, camcorder, or game console. This complete but cost-effective package provides the ultimate in flexibility to meet your multimedia needs. With just one USB connection; users can experience PC-TV entertainment simply, on any laptop or desktop computer whenever they want, wherever they like.



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