aver 1

Langsung Play ke CRT/LCD Monitor, tanpa harus menyalakan PC.
Kualitas Gambar paling Bagus dari kompetitor.
Harga Terjangkau !!!

aver 2

AVerTV Box Genie l provides a premium choice for widescreen monitor (16:9/16:10) to users. It also presents complete solution of plug and play to directly turn any VGA monitor into TV, and to be a multimedia entertainment center without turning on PC. With built-in speaker, users can directly experience the stereo sound without connecting any audio in/output.
Features :
    * Support 16:9/16:10 Widescreen
    * Picture-in-Picture Mode
    * Built-in Speaker
    * 16-Channel Preview
    * 3D-motion Adaptive De-interlace
    * 3:2 Pull-Down technique
    * Plug & Play
    * Progressive Scan
    * Auto Power-off
    * Infrared Remote Control with Full Function
    * Special for Professional Game Consoles and Video Camcorders
*Input Signal : VGA / PC Audio / RF / S-Video/Composite 2-in-1 Cable

*Output Signal : VGA / Audio : Earphone & Speaker

Harga Rp. 425.000,- (Free Ongkos Kirim Surabaya)
Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun.

YM : dualindocomputer

email : dualindocomputer@gmail.com


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